1 pkg of Bacon                       2 cans Mushrooms         7 cans Pizza Sauce
2 pkgs Pepperoni                   1 Green Pepper
2 pkgs Salami                        1 Onion
2 Lbs ground beef                  3 Pkgs Egg Roll Wrap 908g

Dice (fairly small)  Pepperoni, Salami, Mushrooms, Green Pepper and Onion.
Cook Ground Beef and Bacon separately, then once Bacon is cook cut into small pieces…

In large saucepan add 7 cans Pizza Sauce, then add all other ingredients (expect egg roll wraps), let simmer for about 30 mins or so…

Add about a teaspoon of the Pizza mixture into an Egg Roll wrap (I use an egg white to stick the wrap together)  fold like an egg roll… squeeze the ends to make sure nothing seeps out…

I add 7 egg rolls in the fryer at a time, cook them for 6 mins but make sure to flip them at the 3 mins mark.

Tip: I do all the dicing the day before I plan to make them that way saves a lot of time… with this recipe we did 150 Egg Rolls in 4 hours (dicing not included)

I can’t add pics here but I will add some on my blog … Enjoy!