Roast Beef Roast 4lbs   about 5-6 medium potatoes
Pork Roast  2 lbs          1 Onion finely chopped
Salt to taste                  6 Pkgs Tenderflake

Cut Roast Beef Roast and Pork Roast into cubes, add in a big pot. Add water to cover the meat… salt to taste, cook until the  water is mostly gone.. at this point you should be able to separate the meat with fork (it should come apart really easy). I add the  onion when I see the water is very low… it take under 10 mins to cook

When the meat is almost ready cook potatoes in other pot, mash potatoes (do not add anything to potatoes–no milk or butter– as the are to soak up rest of water in the meat… if that makes any sense)

Prepare dough following the Tenderflake instructions… I got my dough ready the day before…

Roll out dough to about 7 inches round (I have a dough press which I place dough, add the meat , brush milk on sides of dough, press dough together… cut off excess)

Brush milk to top of meat pies and cut two slits to top.

Bake for approx 18-20 mins in 350F oven

PS Sorry no official recipes… these recipes were passed down verbally sooo… hopefully I made sense…


Here are some pics of layout and what the meat pies look like…