Final Document December Class Updates

What’s been added well:

  • Pics for Day 31
  • Album Flip Video
  • Cover Page Video
  • Pics for the Cover Page

I hope you all enjoyed this Document December Class.

Thanks for all the great comments, feedback and most of all your shares of what you did.

I would like to take this time to thank you for your support and joining me on this journey.

I sincerely wish you all, the best for 2016.

Stay tuned as my regular videos will pick back up on their regular schedule on youtube and there will be more exciting new classes to come.


1 Comment on “Final Document December Class Updates

  1. I am just starting to work on my album. But I. Did take all my Dec pictures so I am up to date on that.
    I watched the first 5 classes. I am so happy I will be able to watch as I have time. I am loving what I was able to see so far. Every night before bed I watch your you tube channel. I am learning so much. Thanks